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Now I want you to understand that I don’t really need it, but I am 63 and well, you know sometimes a man needs a little help. So I took two, riskin... permanent injury and hoping for an erection lasting more than four hours. My last task before heading next door was to roll a big fat doobie. I didn’t know if either one of them ever got high but like a good Boy Scout, I thought “Be Prepared.” I slipped the joint into a cigar sleeve and tucked it into my jacket pocket. Retrieving the beans from. She was expecting me to kiss her lips any time (yaar… this is my style…). She could feel my hot breathe. With my lips I blew air on her lips and neck. She seemed to move and reach my lips, but I maintained the gap, she pulled my face in a hurry. But I didn’t let it touch her lips. I looked at her eyes and asked her” What you want”….. She said “Please kiss me” “Okay close your eyes”… she closed her eyes,I could see her eyeballs moving left and right and her lips shivering , I could feel her grip. She fell back pushing her arse into my face, burying my tongue deep inside her love cannal, forcing my head on to the back of the chair. Her lehs slid off the arms off the chair and she slid down on me. What went quickly through my mind was her sliding down and impaling herself on my saliva covered cock, oh how I’d have liked for her to impale her tight virgin pussy on me but that would have been too much of a miracle.As she fell she knocked Vicky’s head down onto my cock, Vicky had no choice. But we didn't know this bar was a gay bar, as the 2 lads kindly told us, we looked at each other and started the 2 lads talking to us said so you's aren't gay, i said no mate smiling we are married but just having a drink. One of the lads was about 18/19 and he was called Joe and black he said laughing you never thought about it then, we both replied at the same time NO..Joe laughed and said you never know till you try. my mate kicked my foot and gave me the look, i said we are.

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