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If I can give you what you want, without making myself too upset and unhappy, I will. I know doing it your way with Emily and Brenda will upset me. I'... not going to do that." Suppose I can make a deal with them, one where they come back to us and we all still get to sleep together? Just like we did before." Make your deal for you, Joyce. Leave me out of it. I'll make my own deal with them. Eddie too. If you can make a deal with them that doesn't include me, then go right ahead." I wouldn't make. "Your heart is in your mouth as you step up behind me. You have never, ever even thought of doing this. You are terrified that you will get it wrong - too hard and you will hurt me, too soft and you may disappoint me. You take a deep breath and aim what you think is a medium-strength spank at my left buttock. I give out a little whimper. You do it again, a fraction harder. "Oh yes," I moan. Encouraged, you carry on. The feeling of my bare arse on the palm of your hand with each slap is one of. In less than a minute, he was as hard as he was last night when he was pounding me like crazy. I let go and moved my hand away. I opened up the jelly pot and I poured the lube onto my fingers. ‘Don’t move,’ I whispered on his ear. With my lubed up fingers, I began to insert them into his little tiny asshole. I slipped in one finger, then a second and then wriggled them around, loosening him up again, Then I pulled my fingers out and pressed my new strap-on against his now gaping hole. . I pulled my cock three times and I exploded with one of the most f***eful orgasms of my life. My spunk was flying everywhere. Some of it had gone on the knickers.I rolled the knickers up and put them back in with the rest hoping she wouldnt notice. That evening mother went to pick up some groceries from the Town. I was left in the house with aunty. I went for a shower before dinner. Just as i removed my clothes there was a knock on the bathroom door. I grabbed my towel and I thought Aunty might.

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