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" Again he pointed."Yet amid all of these new fields and other construction, one site remains undeveloped and pristine—here. This clearing, and the ...earby surrounding overgrowth, are exactly as they were in the Argo records." I still don't... ," Meiersdottir began. "Oh," she said softly."Yes. It is in that clearing that the Argo's lander set down."There was a momentary silence."Now," said Igwanda briskly, "it is time to discuss details of the landing." First, I require all of you to bring all. ’ In time she relaxed again and her breathing came slower and lighter. Her tears had fallen for only a few minutes and been wiped away. The scene was saved, the cover intact, but Gray was now feeling lost too. Amanda slid her left arm under his and out of the embrace. Her hand skimmed down Gray’s side to his hip before moving lower to touch and caress his genitals with her palm. Gray froze, letting her explore and handle him while secretly wondering if she’d take such liberties if she didn’t. “Performance is cancelled. Check at the Walpole by noon tomorrow for posting of the alternative scheduling. Enjoy a night on the town tonight.”When they finally got outside the tent, Lena was posting a sign at the main entrance. Rebecca and Judith looked around at the gathering storm clouds.“Looks like it would have been a lousy night for a gathering anyway,” Judith said. Images flashed in Rebecca’s mind of the circle dancing naked around the sputtering remains of a fire in a drenching. But I couldn’t. I kept stroking. I peeked over at Danielle again and she was facing me but her eyes were closed. She was washing her hair. I looked her up and down and thought about fucking her before cumming on her tits. It was too good. I felt myself approach orgasm.Just then, her eyes opened and she looked straight at me. She looked happy. “Finally, you are comfortable!” she said, just as I came. I came everywhere, load after load. It might have been my best orgasm to date. She walked over.

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