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I could only nod my head before he kissed me quickly and left my office leaving me dumbfounded. The remainder of the afternoon past like whirlwind. My...boss Roger was thrilled with my report and gave me a compliment in our meeting with a new client that left me red and embarrassed. I wanted to slip out of the office before Chad could catch me and make good on his promise to take me to dinner, at 4:30 I started packing up my laptop and shutting down my desktop computer.“Come on,” I hissed waiting. Bilkul tight.. Mujhe bahut dikkat ho rahi thi.. Kyunki safar lamba tha aur bus bhi last thi..So mujhe majboori mai wahi bus pakdni padi.. Sabi sawariye ek ek karke chadti chali gai.. Aur ander bahut tight ho gya.. Mere piche ek bahut hi smart aur handsome mast uncle khade ho gye.. Aur piche se ek dam tight.. Akhir bus chal padi.. Bus ke jhatko ki wazah se meri gaand aur unki bhi kamar hil rahi thi.. Mujhe meri gand mai kuch akdan si mehsoos hui.. Aur aisa laga ki kuch meri gaand mai gusne wala. ”“I don’t have a Steve problem,” said Hannah. “I have a Bobby problem.”“What the heck does that mean?” I asked.“It means I had a really good time last night and I’m going to want to do it again.”“I don’t see that as a problem either,” I said, as I felt blood start coursing into my cock.“Let me explain it to you, then,” she said. “When I go out with Steve I get horny, but I don’t want to do anything about it when I’m on the date. He doesn’t like that and eventually, unless I cave, he’s going to. This is passionate sex as I remember it fondly. With Rogers first burst of cum my orgasm kicked in. The last thing I recall is almost yelling ‘More More More’. I came to my senses with the feel of a puddle of cum and a cock head rearranging my innards. Roger was sweaty and unmoving. Roger was looking to his right at my little Rita standing no more than a foot away with her tiny hand on the bed aside me. Rita said words only I can interpret asking ‘Mama OK?’. ‘Come here baby’ and with a single.

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