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I have personally mailed the last part to many people as per their request, if any one is left kindly read it from here and do send me responses about...the last part.Kindly find the preceding 4 parts here :1) “9:00?” he answered.“Will you make it worth my while?” you asked, squeezing him again through his trousers. Evan didn’t answer. He just pulled your mouth to his and kissed you deeply in a way that said “yes.” After a lingering squeeze of your ass, he walked away. The next morning, you arrived at Starbucks just before 9:00 clad in all black, including a short skirt, and your red lipstick. You ordered a grande latte and found a table in the corner of the Starbucks, a quiet space amidst the bustle. I was aware of the necessity for a public speaker to look around at his audience, but she made it difficult: if I looked near where she sat, I looked only at her, and if I didn't look, I ignored a whole section of the class. I spent far too much energy trying not to see her. After a while I succeeded, at least partially, unless she asked a question; then I had my work cut out trying to keep my eyes on her face. I wondered how obvious my attraction was to the rest of the class; certainly the. Lots more, even. She took showers several times each day and I always found the shower head hanging down and set to "Pulse" when she was through. I know what that means and I was pretty sure she was rubbing herself at other times too.Then, one day about ten days after I'd first seen her on the bannister, I heard some moaning coming from my bedroom. MY bedroom!As I tiptoed down the hall and eased my door open, there's Robin lying on my bed with her knees spread apart and her panties pulled down.

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