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I froze in fear. I thought this was just between me and Mrs. Black, who could it be? Entering the room was Mr. Harris. Instead of his usual suit he...wore a tight black T-shirt, leather pants and studded cuffs on his wrists. "Ms. Black, who is this?" he asked. I knew he could tell who I was. I didn't look that much different and he must have known about this. "Tell his your name, dear." Ms. Black said. "I'm Melanie." I said. It was becoming a conditioned response. "Sir. Address the man. It was wrong, and I knew it. But it felt too dam good to stop her.Moving in close Nikki’s mouth covered mine in a long sweet kiss. Giving in to the newly passion that we had discovered our tongues found comfort and excitement. My body felt the hot fire of lust for the first time as Nikki pulled me into the room, pawing and ripping my cloths off. Pushing me down on the bed I saw the sparkle of lust in her eyes as she slowly cat crawled onto the bed.Nikki took her place beside me, enjoying the. .. Yes..." he said.Abi reached out, grasped Tony's cock and gently stroked it up and down with a firm grip, though not too tight. Remembering some of Alan's advice, she also ran her thumb over the tip, smearing some of the juices that had covered it. She could feel it stiffen even more as she touched it. Within a minute Tony fired off his man seed in several spurts, covering his chest as well as her hand."Ohhh," he gasped in pleasure as his face turned red from his exertions."Wow," said Abi.. Well, lets just say I get a little frisky feeling. So I usually stop there."Becky frowned. "Oh come on Sandy, you can't get that bad. Hell, I'm the same way after a few drinks. I've been known to really let my hair down and surprise a few people. So come on, if I'm having another, you sure as hell can!"Craig was grinning from ear to ear. He knew his wife, and seriously knew that more than two drinks, anything and everything was possible."Well, ok... but just one more. Anything after that and.

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