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Rick was just coming out for the morning briefing.“Morning, John, how’s the day?”“Morning, Rick. Good thanks. Can I get some cold cuts for lun...h? I have to rearrange my course over the lunch break.”“Yeah, stick your head in the back door, Margie should be able to hook you up.”“Thanks.”“Did you brief your team yet?”“No, I was going to get lunch and then do that before I took Andre’s group up.”“OK. See you in a couple then. How’re things going?”“Andre’s team and Lauren’s teams are a bit behind,. I needed to get creative, and start acting like I knew what I was doing.It was after an hour had past when I heard the shriek.I paused for a beat. Then I leapt out of my chair and ran for the door. Another shriek pierced the house. It was coming from Sarah's bed room. I bounded down the stairs, taking them two at a time, and I practically kicked down the guest room door.Sarah was lying naked on her bed. She was flushed and writhing on top of the sheets. I grasped her by the shoulders and looked. I like this one, I think we understand each other. I keep moving the vibrator slowly up and down, pausing ever so slightly at where I think her clit is hiding. A small moan tells me I guessed right. After a few minutes, I stop and put down the vibrator. She looks at me and I see the unspoken question in her eyes, What else you got? I go down on my knees in front of her. I moved the thong to one side, exposing her pussy. It was clean shaven and smooth. It was a deep pink, she was aroused. I bend. After a moment, she released him and they went to get the packs off his horse. Sue picked up the wooden pole, wondering what was so important about it that Jake had carried it all the way back when they were surrounded by trees.They each carried a bundle over to the fire that, at this time of day, wasn't more than a few embers in the middle of the stone circle. Sue collected her rifle along the way. Then she sat down and started to open the rolled up packs to see what he had got.There was a.

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