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They screamed and ran when I started the damned thing but they were amazed at the way it dispatched the saplings. I even cut them to lengths so it wou...d be easier to make drying racks.Teechi had a leap of inspiration then and asked me if I could cut a deadfall she pointed out into smaller pieces. She explained that it was the best wood for smoking. I noticed that it was hickory and I agreed with her smoking wood selection but now it was my turn to worry about my saw. Hickory can be hell on saws. He said "Good" as he got behind me and I felt his hand trace the curves of my arse before spanking it twice as if I were a naughty c***d he had to discipline, indeed, that was how I felt in Roger's presence now. I heard him unzipping and dropping his trousers and closed my eyes in preparation for my penetration. I was concerned, I mean I had never been taken anally in any shape or form previously and Roger, as my mouth could testify, had a long and thick cock. The thought of that thing inside. He rented a cabin in the local mountains for the first half of winter break away from school. The drive was long, but I appreciated the quality time together. I loved the way ‘my man’ looks when he concentrates, especially when he gets angry when he drives. The narrowing of his eyes and the grunt of frustration makes me smile every time. Odd, I know, but he felt real to me. Other men I had seen always tried to act perfect, but not Wes, he was…Wes. He was a little bit chubby, but he was au. " Oh, how terrible!" Alex said with a smirk. "You must have been horrified!" Her left hand had started caressing her own neck, and her right hand had crept down between her knees. "Gimme details."Debbie found that words were coming a little faster now, and although she wanted to stay focused on being angry, what she was really feeling was arousal - and it was only getting stronger. She didn't want to give into it, but neither could she stifle it. Instead, she just kept talking."Well, for a long.

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