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I had completed my own preparations, wearing only that which I knew would produce the desired effect on my virile man: a lacy bra and panties, and, all, the black spike-heeled shoes that accentuated my long and (I must say) very attractive legs. I was hot to trot! My man was still the handsome, thoughtful person I had married. Partly because he was still attracted to me, I had made special efforts to keep my figure trim, and, although my bust had changed in the usual way after becoming a. And it less than an inch away from my nose."It is up to you," he said. "You must decide."I did not respond but kept staring at Mehmed's cock."If you do," Ibrahim said softly. "Then we both use you all night long. All holes will fill."If I do then I cross another line that I never imagined I would.Within twenty-four hours I went from a girl with a pretty normal sex life to fucking two complete strangers and now here I was naked, on my knees with another man's cock (also married I found out. Well, actually she could, but when she had turned eighteen her record was expunged. The only place that her past existed was within the minds of the officers who’d arrested her. Sage stopped once a giant desk barricaded her from the rest of the station. The officer, whose big fluffy hair reminded her of the heroes in cheesy 70’s movies, gave her a skeptical once over, before meeting her eyes and smiling. While it had taken him a few seconds to recognize her, Sage knew his face immediately.. "Later, after my morning appointments, we met at the county clerk's office and bought the license. As we filled out the application, Rebecca was hanging on my arm, alternately nervous, and then excited, wriggling around like a schoolgirl. There was no one else in line, and the lady at the window examined both our driver's licenses and took my money. It cost me forty-one dollars in cash. As the clerk handed me the completed license, she gave me a cold look and sort of sniffed. I knew she was.

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