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"Word has it a new Moon Mother temple will be built this summer. I am sure the priestesses will be so pleased to hear this news." I ask for a blessing... Only Moon Mother and Moon Father know their own will," I said, trying to put a caveat in the situation.The pair saw me to the door and I continued my journey down the hill to the park. The sun was high in the sky and I was thirsty, musing over my lost water reservoir. I knew more of the survival items still were in the escape pod, extra water. Holly made some adjustments to have them better aimed for her revenge.The next blob to drop hit Becca’s tit before being caught on her nipple before starting to dry. By this now, Holly had moved around behind Becca to have a bombardier’s view. It took two more tries, but the third one was perfect. It hit dead center on the end of Becca’s nose. That caused Becca to jerk, which made her cooling volcano to eject as a blob of white lava.Holly had managed to get Becca’s pubes stuck together in the. She's only 21 and has about 30 million dollars, and owns a franchise of fast food restaurants.I got dressed, in all red and black and left with her. Once we got to her place, I noticed she lived in a huge apartment complex where she owned a condo. These were rich people apartments, they had security guards at the gate and everything. I passed out in the guest bedroom. I woke up, and went into the front room. "They're serving Lunch in the main building." She told me. I took a quick shower and. That part is nothing compared to the powers you have gained from the meteorite, or the meteorite and the water combined.”“What if we were to take some of the water to a hospital and let a patient drink it, or wash with it?” Savana offered.“We could do that. We need to find someone whom we know is totally paralyzed, or even in a coma.”“Adam that would, in itself, be a near miracle ... If in fact we did this and a patient was immediately healed or cured of a sickness or injuries,” I added.I could.

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