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Dances are a principle way young Amish men meet marriageable Amish women. I apologized that the dance floor would be unavailable, except on Sunday. On...the spur of the moment, I offered it as a temporary meeting hall for their services and family time afterward.Elder Neufeld stopped and looked at me shrewdly. At that point I knew we had an agreement in principle and only needed to work out the details. He asked how many men I expected to need. To answer this, I led him outside.Mitchell had. The knock on the door came as a shock, he was sitting in the chair towards the back of the room as I started to walk to the door dressed as before and with my dressing gown tied, loosely I opened the door and the same young boy stood blushing in the corridor, I invited him in because with coffee they have to pour it, I stood the other side of the coffee table and bent down to move some magazines off the table to make room for the tray, I was aware that my dressing gown top had fallen open and. She cried again, "Sto...stop, plea...uh, oh...please do..uhh...don't!" Then she felt something, something that she didn't want to think about, something larger than a finger, slide into her moist vagina. It moved in and out, and her entire body matched the movements. A feeling of immense energy, immense pleasure, grew within her groin, then exploded out through her entire body.She screamed in ecstasy as the world grew dark.Sometime later, Nate found herself lying on the floor. There was a. "Okay, I'm not sure how this might work, but what if you found a boy,just an ordinary boy on that road and he couldn't remember how he gotthere. What if you put him back in boy's clothes and tell SocialServices just that and nothing else? What happens?" Julie asked."He goes into the hospital, briefly, for a physical exam which ismandatory and then gets put under the responsibility of Social Services.It's their job to find him a place to stay till we find out who he is andwhere he came from. .

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