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I gave a silent prayer thanking my brother who insisted I buy the Bluetooth earphones. “Damn, I thought you were listening to Zimdancehall or that s...ngura shit, I never pegged you as that type of guy that listens to Rap,” she remarked as she started to sing along to Meek Mill’s With the shits. Thank God, the librarian wasn’t in or else she would have thrown out Meg.I couldn’t help but stare at her as she perfectly sang along to Melil’s Spanish lines. She was simply breathtaking. I could already. “Sidra is Jessica’s daughter by her first marriage, so when I married Jessica, Sidra became my daughter too. Elizabeth’s maan and baap died in a car crash, but we have adopted her as our daughter and she is happy again. We like our girls to be happy, but at the same time we expect them to learn as much as they can. Education is an important factor for your future life, girls, and that is why we expect you to learn, in school and out of school. Are you okay with that?”His insistence on education. He would always find excuses to be near us and make suggestive comments whenever he thought he could get away with it. He was a complete perv. I dont mind so much him being a perv, but his personality and vibe were both really bad. Stacey, one of the crew, was a slut. Thats the easiest way to put it. I often thought that since she was pretty lazy she was probably blowing Kevin to make sure she got hours. Most of the others were just normal teenagers. The only guy who kind of made me nervous,. ?” I asked.Jennifer started to laugh. When she finally settled down she asked “Do the words ‘birth control pills’ mean anything?”“Oh ... Oh! So are you saying...” I started but Jennifer finished the sentence, “ ... that soon you can stop using condoms. The answer is yes!”The thought of being able to ‘go bareback’ made me horny and before I knew it, I was sprouting a woody. I heard Jennifer snicker and looked to see her with her hand over her mouth – grinning for all she was worth.“I see you.

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