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”“Goddess,” she moaned, her hands grabbing my rump, squeezing and kneading me.“That’s right,” I moaned, rising up her cock as she gripped ...e. “I’ll be so tight. You’ll both be in me, fucking me.” Her fingers slipped into my butt-crack. “You’ll share me. Love me. Then you’ll both cum in me.”She teased my asshole, caressing my naughty backdoor as my lusts surged through me. This wicked heat boiled out of my pussy. I slammed down her cock again, bringing another groan from her lips. Her fingertip. Robert then noticed all of her injuries caused by her Foster Father."Oh...oh! Oh my gosh!" Nicole blushed from embarassment. "Dang it, if only Alexandria or Allison were here..." he murmured, then took a small strip of cloth and wrapped it around her to form a tourniquet. Nicole began to shiver not from fear, but from cold.Robert noticed this and grabbed a blanket, then draped it over her body. "That'll keep you warm." he smiled kindly."No, no," Nicole protested softly, "It's fine."She tried go. "Hello, hello, Val Brown here" (I was silent, I couldn't speak) "Hello, is there anyone there?" "Hello Aunty Val, it's me" (a stupid thing to say but my mind wasfrozen) "Theresa? Theresa it can't be you're......." No, No Aunty Val it's me err Stephen. I've called to wish you a HappyChristmas." (Theresa was my sister, and I had nearly forgotten my given name)"Oh darling it's so good to hear you; it's been so long, how are you?Where are you? Why haven't you phoned? What is the. It was like she never expected it to feel as good as it did, but then quickly embraced as soon memory of past times set in.She grew soft in his arms, letting herself fall and taking the thrusts as they came. He loved that as well, just like he trusted almost no one almost no one trusted him enough to be this relaxed with him. He held her close, let his fingers glide through her hair and down her back while they found their rhythm, a slow paced fuck that felt more like a massage they both.

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