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He was tall, at least six foot or more. His jet black hair, was longer than was tradition, it fell to just below his chin. It was ruler straight and t...ick. Oh, how she had longed to run her fingers through it! His eyes, they were the exact same shade of green as the tear drop emerald she always wore at her throat. His voice had enchanted her from the very first moment she had heard it. It was very deep, and he spoke with the Irish brogue that had always made her knees weak. His smile, oh god,. They were seeing me totally naked for the first time after being around me at parties and back yard bar-b-ques. It was really quite arousing. My pulse raced as I circled the room.Next on the agenda was what they called the “name that cock”. I was blindfolded and my hands tied behind my back. I was put on my knees and waited. This could only mean one thing; I was going to have to start sucking cock. Soon I could feel someone standing in front of me. I automatically opened my mouth like a good. Her juices ran down from my mouth and dripped off my chin, fortunately missing both her bridal gown and my bridesmaid’s dress.“Fuck, being a bride is so stressful. I really needed that,” she said, as I wiped her clean and slipped the new silk panties over her temporarily satiated pussy and tightly plugged arse.My face, glistening with her juices, was an altogether more complex matter, but after carefully wiping away the stickiness around my mouth with a warm cloth, Maria reapplied sufficient. .ah..uff…haan..han…araam se..aah..aaah..aah..thoda araam se chuso na..dard ho raha hai aah..aah aa..aa..aa…aaah…ur mera sir jor se apne mamme par press karne lag gayi….main dusre haath se unke right mumme ko daba raha tha bich bich mein unke nipple ko masal deta to who apni chati aur upar kar deti aur siskiyaan leti..aah… aah..dhere kato aisa karte karte mujhe 40 min hogaye the aur dono mumee lal hogaye.Issi bich mein ek baar apna pani chhod chuki thi ab maine mami ki salwaar ka nada.

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