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The littlepop tart probably doesn't even realize the affect she's having, Laurathought to herself. I have to make her ours. She glanced over at Call...ewho gave the slightest of nods. It was time. Laura stepped onto thestage.Emily jumped a bit when the lights on the stage suddenly flashed on.You'd think I'd be used to it after all my shows, she thought to herself.For a second the memories of her old life tried to argue that she'dreally only been through it one time but she quelled those. So let’s roll. After publishing the second part of my story, I received a mail from Dr. Sanjay (name changed) who happen to be residing in my city (Gujarat). He appreciated the story.He wanted to know more about me initially through emails only. As being a doctor, he was very much concerned about reputation, safety, and privacy. So we exchanged emails and gradually opened up about our families and fantasies. Both he and his wife Dr. Shweta (name changed) were in the medical profession having a. Looking at me with a twinkle in her eye Barb asked, "Heather you devil what have you done to poor Amanda to make her squirm so much?"Smiling over my glass I stroke Amanda's leg, "Show her baby."With that Amanda carefully set her glass down and turned around onto her knees reaching between her spread legs she pulled on the hidden zipper that exposes her shaved smooth sex pot. Reaching up she grabs her tail and with a loud moan tugs it a bit. Barb gasped as she saw that the tail of Amanda's. A.I could get off work early so I thought I could hurry home and surprise Anita going a night out. It had been a good day although it was so warm, so I was in a good mood. I pulled into the driveway and barely noticed the strange car parked alongside Ana’ car. It was just a friend of her I guessed, so I paid it no further attention and headed inside, opening the door slowly.I gently set my keys down and made my way through the dimly lit house. As I got closer to the bedroom I could start to.

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