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Yes, the entire movie I fingered her. She was in 7th Heaven.After the movie we had supper. Her hubby was gone for a conference so she was alone before...I could open my mouth she told me to come Sleep over its weekend hubby is gone and I’m alone and scared. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking “well you just invited the devil” now you should be scared. Hahahaha!As I entered her place I kicked the door behind me and grab her and French kissed her wild. She was nervous coz she never do any thing. One of my legs was pushed up in the air, Benny's body was pinning down my other leg, his cock head was working up into my drunken butt hole. No matter which way I moved Benny held me, grinding his penis deeper and deeper into my rectum. Suddenly, Benny's cock head popped through my outer anal muscle ring, I cried out in pain and was instantly aware that I was being fucked. Try as I might I could not coordinate my limbs enough to fight Benny off my body. Benny continued to ride me split like a. We talked and flirted one day as we waited for the bus. I didn’t expect much to come of things; I just naturally like to make remarks. Allic was curious and seemed to know a lot about sex. She asked me some very direct questions about how I did things in bed. I was not sure if her knowledge was theoretical or if she had been doing things already. That did not really matter. I answered her questions and said but it would be a lot better if I showed you instead of just told you. A half hour. I did, didn’t I? Any good?’ ‘It’s okay. See you at the Hilton.’ ************** Mindy’s out shopping and won’t return for a few hours. At least that’s what she tells Ben she told Sam as they greet each other in the lobby of the Hilton on this Saturday around noon, the Saturday following the Thursday that was Rosh Hashanah. She’s wearing a short blue skirt, high heels and a low-cut blouse. She’s a bit done-up for shopping but knew Ben would appreciate an outfit that does justice to her firm,.

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