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The fingers of Aurora reached over the horizon as more color played across the land and sky, the latter gradually transforming itself from dark blue t...rough progressively lighter shades. A flash to my right, and I saw Connie running from the barn to the house, disappearing through a door on the ground floor almost directly below me. Moments later, Mrs. Edwards ran out with a small bag with him: probably to doctor a small wound. The eastern sky reddened and the blood red ball lifted over the. Lisa dreamed wonderful dreams of she and her daughter naked in a field of wild flowers, entwined in a sixty-nine as they ate each other to oblivion.Tiffany had a difficult time falling asleep, as images of her Daddy fucking her filled her lust crazed mind. She wondered how big his cock was and pictured it to be an enormous twelve-inch monster. Her final thought before falling asleep was a vision of her daddy spewing ropes of cum into her mouth and across her eyes, nose, lips and cheeks, as a. ‘I do wish you would listen to me for once and let me drive you to the supermarket. You are not as young and sprightly as you used to be mum.’ ‘Go on. Rub it in. That is utter nonsense, Susan, you know my feelings about that. I do loathe people, who, because you are older, offer you a seat in the bus, or take your bags for you and place them on the rack, as if you were past it. I am only 49 for heaven’s sake.’ ‘They are only being nice mum.’ ‘Maybe but I pride myself in managing my own affairs. He stopped in what I presumed was the living room. I felt my hips being pulled towards a dark shadow, I presumed was the couch, as he still guided me by my jeans. “I’m so glad I wore these…” I murmured. “Me too, but…” With those words I felt my jeans pulled down. I was so surprised for a moment that my hands darted to try and cover up. “Aww… don’t be shy.” I heard him say in the dark. With that I felt him closer in the dark now, his hands moving again to my ass. Just as he gripped my lace.

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