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The battle appeared to be over, and the burning ship was of fin the distance, leaving him in the dark and alone. "Anyone alive," he screamed hoping fo... someone, anyone to keep him company. No one responded. Blake's body had reached its limit. He was mentally and physically exhausted from the fear of capture. He fell asleep. When morning came, Blake woke up to water in his face. He had shifted positions and his face was hanging off the side of... 'What am I on,' Blake wonders. He sat up and. "i looked again in both boxes - both sets of heels were hot. The silver onesseemed to have a slightly higher heel though - and i knew that would make HERhappy. i put the black slut heels back in their proper place for another hugefooted sissy cum lover to find.\No=6&i_cntr=1307657056120(FYI - once i got home i measured the heel - standing from floor to top of heel(in back) is exactly four inches! The site above. I was turned on by him fucking my face even though I was breathing heavily now trying to catch my air. Marcus and I met eye to eye before he pushed me back to the bed. I landed on my back and went to look up but that was ended as he grabbed the inside of my legs and pushed me back. As I had mentioned Marcus was more aggressive so there was no going slow. He put the head of his monster at my pussy and slammed it into me. I am sure I cried out but then again I was making many sounds. Marcus got. " I know, I don't like them either, but I can hardly arrive at my homedressed as a girl, but I hope I can at least wear stockings, a panty andchemise." Oh for sure we will do that, the jeans you came in are rough so thestockings will help." Ohh goody, I just love my stockings, panty and chemise."Edwina helped me into the panties and then rolled the stockings up mylegs up to over the panty and then put the chemise on me. I liked thefeeling of Edwina's hands on my legs as she smoothed my.

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