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I know she has been concerned about Suzie since her break up with Matt.”Karen’s dad said, “That situation and how it happened left a bad taste i... their mouths. They are trying to protect Suzie within reason.”Karen said, “We understand. We’ve been doing the same thing.” We arrived at the club behind them and I gave my key for valet parking. The four of us went inside behind my parents and Suzie-Q and Larry. The eight of us were given a table with Jennifer as our server.She came up behind us and. She smiled at me. "are you sure?", she asked. (well i wantedto sleep with her of course but...) "yes, of course!", i lied. (i mean replied)maybe it was the wine, but she kissed me! (omg! my dreams are coming true!) she must have had some flavored lip gloss because her lips tasted like citrus. we made out for a few minutes and she whispered in my ear, "let's go tothe bedroom." is this really happening?, i thought. she led me to my bedroom.she let me undress her and then she undressed me. i. Mom – why not? Don’t you want to have a girlfriend?Me – I couldn’t find anyone perfect.Mom – what sort of girl do you like?I was surprised to see mom turning suddenly so friendly. Is it because of the affair which unleashed her naughty side? Or is it that she was struck by my erection or had a sense that I was spying on her?I was confused but whatever it was a mom was visibly changed and she was actually enjoying my nervousness in front of her.Me – I don’t know, beautiful, smart and all.Mom –. ‘Get into the tub.’ She did as she was told. Then Monique pulled down her shorts and panties. The other girls did the same. They squatted over Alyson. She was frightened of what was to happen. Just then, all the girls started pissing on her. It smelled awful. It seemed to take an hour, but it was actually just a few minutes. Alyson started to cry. Then they girls pulled up their pants and laughed. As she was sobbing, she said, ‘Can I join you guys now?’ ‘No.’ Monique responded, and they all ran.

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