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Sit down and let Ashley and I take care of you two.”I asked Brenda, “Same for me please, thank you.” Turning to Ashley, I asked, “I’m assumi...g you have everything under control.”Ashley nodded while saying, “Yes.”“Great, then thank you both for this, we both needed something normal, and this is pretty close to it.”Kristen and I sat while Ashley helped serve us. We relaxed and enjoyed the slow leisurely brunch. Brenda was a wonderful cook and we thanked her for it.Afterwards, Ashley and Brenda. Earlier even than my normal time. I got my pile of soggy towels into the laundry and since I was down there, did my morning upper body workout. I wanted to run outside today though. Screw the treadmill. I threw on my running gear and headed for the edge of the property.It was still very early in the morning and the sun hadn't even made it over the hills to the east. There was still dew on the grass and shrubs and I reveled in being able to lock onto little beads of it as I ran and getting a. My first time story so take it easy on me. The year was 2005. I had been separated from my wife forever, and we were pretty much done anyways. I always joke and say I was married on a Monday and in the club by Friday lol. Anyways my best friend decided I needed to go with him to his home one weekend. I figured why not. He had a girlfriend who had a friend who wanted to meet up. I was like cool, let's go. We get to my friends moms house(who happened to be out of town) that Friday nite. Me and my. I am still trying to get control of my breathing. My warm breath moving over you clit. I slowly, reverently brush my lower lip over you from the bottom of your damp slit all the way to the top. I can taste you on my lip now. I take deep slow breaths as I suck you off of my lip. The taste of you lingering in my mouth. I run the tip of my tongue from the peak of your protruding hood to the top of your slit. Slowly sucking it into my mouth. I’m rubbing the tip of my tongue over it as my suction.

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