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I spread her open and teased her with my tongue.She whimpered as I began licking in earnest. I circled her clit at the top of each lick, and ran my to...gue between the folds of her inner and outer lips. The tang of her arousal filled my senses.“Oh, God,” she gasped. “Yes!”I licked her again, and flicked my tongue against the hooded pink pearl at the top of her slit. Then I pursed my lips and sucked gently. Her pubic hair tickled my nose, but she ran her fingers through my hair and lifted her. BEEBEEBEEBEEP! What was a heart monitor doing so close to him, Cal wondered? BEEBEEBEEBEEP! He could feel his heart racing. He heard shuffling near by and then a warm fuzz that was even more than the one in which he was already wrapped seemed to envelope him. God he hoped someone wasn’t feeding him drugs to get him addicted. That didn’t seem right, he realized that he had fragmentary memories of things that had happened after Hammer had sold people the opportunity hurt him for money.Then there. He waited until their footsteps died away, then felt along the rough brick and stone wall.There! The loose bars rattled softly as he drew them out of their sockets. The window slid open easily, moving just far enough to admit Chinzel's slender form. A practiced twist, and he was inside. He stood balanced on the balls of his feet, breathing shallowly through his mouth as he listened intently for any sound. As his eyes grew used to the darkness, he saw that he was in an unused storeroom, filled. ’ ‘But I’m sure you said you were topless, not just braless.’ ‘Oh yes,’ Denise replied as calmly as she could, ‘I met an American tourist who wanted a picture with the topless Jamaican Bacchanal float dancer on his grandson’s poster, and because he was so nice and polite I decided to oblige his request.’ After a pause, Annika asked, ‘So you know about the poster?’ ‘Yes mother. And I know that father knows about it and has kept it a secret.’ ‘I’m sorry you were surprised by that information, but.

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