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Just like a couple, sitting there, slowing feeling each other.“You still haven’t changed, stop it, we are friends now!”, she said.“Really? I d...dn’t know that, but hey, you know I’m always horny around you. Can’t help it baby.”, I said.And listening to that, she smiled. Approvingly.And her hand now slides between my thighs, she knows I love that, she knows! But she has to tease me, make me harder. And she comes to my ear, and gives me a long wet kiss. It is dark, the seats around us are empty,. Some of them are mere fiction which are unreal some are interesting, some is real. Now let me describe about me I am 5’6 in height with a plump look. My mother’s cousin sister is living in Kerela the state of God’s own land. She is 5’4 with 34-26-34 excellent structure with her ass and breast most attractive. She is married for the past 10 yrs and has two children. Her husband works abroad so she lives alone in her home with her children. This incident between me and my aunt took place a few. He attaches the chain leeshes holding the dogs to a bolt on the wall and he walks behind Cindy and starts pouring some honey on Cindys vagina and anus, Cindy screams " NO, PLEASE DONT " the masked man just laughs and he stops pouring the honey , then walks back and lets both dogs loose. The dogs gets behind Cindy and start to lick the honey off Cindys pussy and ass, the man sits on the chair laughing as he hears Cindy screaming " NO " and watching her struggle, trying to get away. One of the. The risk is too great.”“I know. But someday...”“Hopefully. I should head out to the porch; Tabitha will be here any minute.”“Bundle up,” I said. “It’s cold.”We exchanged a quick kiss and I walked with her to the foyer. She put on her winter gear, and looked out the window. She saw the car, kissed me again, and headed out for work, carefully walking down the steps with her walking cast which she’d be done with in another week or so. I waved as she got into the car, then shut the door, and went.

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