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She brought her mouth near mine and started French kissing me. My hands were on her butts. They were so soft. We were tasting each other’s saliva.Ro...e: You’re much better than Jason anyway. What happened with him was the old me seeking attention. But the new me is all yours.Me: That’s what I like to hear!Rose: Hahaha! Let’s go on that walk.Me: Let’s!We both went to the library room.Rose: Do you know how Chloe and I met?Me: No.Rose: It was right here, in the library. I came in looking for a book. To ensure confidentiality, she never used her real name when dealing with someone she had registered with her paper as a confidential informant. She was always Sheila and her informant was either Bob or Babs. Her contacts were aware of this duplicity, but it worked in everyone’s favor, so they used the aliases during their private dealings with her.“Hi, Babs, it’s me Sheila. I was thinking we might have lunch if you’re not too busy.”“Well I am a bit busy, Sheila, but I can meet you for a quick. I was lifting my buttocks to meet his powerful thrusts. “Meri jan, teri chhoott to bahut giliye auur tiigghttt haii, majjja ayega roj terko chodne mein”.I was just moaning in pleasure with his nice hard fuck and coming to know the same he was laughing and telling me, ” mujhhee maluum hai teriii chooti taras rahii hai, yehh ley jjor sse, yyee auur joorr seeaa”. He now was fucking me furiously, his balls slapping against my buttocks. “Hhaaiiiii uuunngggghhhh”, I wailed in pleasure as Paresh sir. ” He turns and looks at me. “I’m glad we did this.” I smile, “Me too.” We snuggle together and drift off to sleep. It feels so good in his arms. Comfortable. Like I’m where I should be. “Good morning Chirssy,” ZA is smiling at me and looking all disheveled and sexy. I need to stop these feelings. “Good morning ZA.” We both smile and chuckle. We have crossed that bridge from friends to…what? I don’t know. I sit up and stretch and notice him looking at me, smiling. “You want some breakfast?” he.

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