Hot Indian Doctor Fuck In Hospital Delivery Room mp4

An Indian Doctor has an affair with a guy who lives in her neighbor hood. The doctor works at the city hospital and one day the guy starts missing her and tells her to meet him. The doctor tells him that she is busy.

She asks her lover to come visit her in the hospital. The lover goes to her cabin and starts flirting with her. The doctor had few patients to see that day so the guy waits for her as she performs a check up on all her patients.

Hot Indian Doctor sex with lover in hospital

Once the female doctor is free she takes her lover to the hospital delivery room as another doctor needs her cabin and no one will come to the hospital delivery room at that time as there are no appointments. The lover closes the door from inside and starts kissing the doctor. The doctor then starts taking her pants off and the lover makes her lie on the bed.

The doctor has huge natural boobs and the lover starts pressing her beautiful boobs over grey top. The lover then unzips his pants and takes out his cock and places it on her pussy. The doctor guides his dick to her pussy and inserts in her pussy. The lover then starts fucking her in missionary style after both of them orgasm together.

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