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She wasn’t home, which took as odd as it most of the times it is unlike her to say she is leaving without telling me. I called her and she picked up...and said ‘hello’. I asked where she was and when she wants to come home. Then she said ‘i’m out at the grocery store. What do you want to eat?.’ My body wasn’t hungry for food, it was hungry for her. I had to think of something quick and I said rice and chicken. She said okay half hour she will be home. When she got home, I was upstairs watching. "Me? What are you talking about?" Never mind that," Jennifer said impatiently. Her hands went to her blouse and she was quickly unbuttoning it. "I need you to do something for me." What?" I asked, watching her with fascination."Take your clothes off," she said. "I'm going to lean across the desk there, and I want you to fuck me. Okay?"I said nothing for a moment, looking at her. Jennifer already had her blouse off, and was unhooking her bra. Seeing me still dressed, she said, "Please! I really. ’ I looked at her quizzically. ‘Why all the questions?’ She grinned. ‘Come on, Jim, you’ve known me long enough. You know I have to know everything.’ I laughed. ‘You haven’t changed. Okay, if you’re staying, want to watch some TV?’ She shrugged. ‘Why not? What’s on?’ ‘I have absolutely no idea.’ The usual rubbish, it turned out. I got us some sodas and popcorn and we sat together on the couch, making disparaging remarks about the programs just as we used to do before we broke up, gossiping,. .. other events that my problem caused for you. Barbara has explained to me what has happened, and please don’t blame yourself for the actions of before. I must say that I am now glad to make your acquaintance you are a very beautiful woman, and I would be honored to call you a friend. That is if you would accept my apology for causing all this mess.”“Bob, is it? I would consider it an honor to be your friend. Phil has told me much of what happened to you and how you have made the counsel do.

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