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"Sorry, I can't hear you, the music," she replied. She leaned in."I asked what's your name?" Katerina," she told him. The handsome stranger smiled lik... a movie star that made her weak in the knees. "I'm Dorian," he told her. "Nice to meet you." Wanna dance?" Dorian asked. Katerina smiled and nodded. "Sure." She swigged her martini down and hopped off the stool and followed him onto the busy dancefloor among lots of people.Twenty minutes later, Dorian and Katerina were still boogying on the. "he said."You came in here looking for a bar last night, but instead of there youcame in here. We got to talking and you were telling me why you wantedto get really drunk. You already had a couple earlier because you hadjust heard back from the clinic that afternoon that after trying forfive years, the chance of you and Kelli ever having any children of yourown was zero. She had very thin uterine walls and you could not produceany sperm at all. You wanted more than a few drinks for yourself. Just tell me how much and I’ll pay it.”“I don’t want money,” he leaned against the door frame as he looked the sexy mother up and down, “Since I’ve seen your video I can’t stop thinking it. Honestly it’s hard to find a woman who loves to suck a good dick.” He stared directly at the lips of the woman who he loved watching, “and it’s obvious you love doing it.”Katie poked her finger into his chest, “Blackmail is illegal. I should call your boss! I’ll get you fired! Just give me the file of. This went on for about 3 minutes until the guy removed his hand and replaced it with his cock. It wasn’t a large cock, but it was pretty long, maybe 7 inches, but not very big around. I must have touched Vonna’s ass and felt different, because I saw her use her hand between her legs to feel what it was. When she figured out it was his cock, she just kept touching it and nothing else. I figured she was kind of waiting for my permission, so I gently began pushing her back towards the hole. That’s.

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