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We wanted to savor the feeling of our love, the feeling of step mom and son being as one. I started to slowly rock my hips and she broke our kiss. She...put both arms around my neck and buried her face in the the nape of my neck. She held me and began to rock in time with me. We rocked together slowly, making love at first. The feeling of my cock working her insides was fantastic, and just having cum in her mouth, I was able to savor and enjoy it. The more we rocked, the faster our pace got. Her. I pounded her slippery wet cunt even harder and finally Anita screamed out her second climax. After it had subsided, she eagerly resumed his sweet blowjob on the guy. I saw he was also close to cum in Ana’s mouth.I knew that I would not last too long myself.As I pounded Ana so hard, I suddenly knew I was coming too. The carpenter began grunting at same time, as he filled Ana’s throat with his sticky cum. My wife swallowed every drop as a good girl. This was too much for me…I pulled out and. We had so much sex I am surprised I didn't fuck a baby into her. We returned to the common area where all I could smell was her juicy wet pussy scent left all over my pants which I tried to clean off but she smelled so good. I thought about how I could convince her to get vaginal tightening surgery and when i told her about it, i started creaming my pants. After the clinical study we met up, i romanced her and told her everything that she wanted to hear and started fucking her in the. " That is equally way cool."She smiled. "So, anyway, we both have goals, and we're both doing what we need to do to get there. I don't want to change a bit of that, and I'm sure you don't either." I nodded. "Right. But I guess what I've learned this week is I want more. I want to have fun. I'm in love. I want to enjoy being in love. I want to enjoy sex. I want to try anything and everything as long as it doesn't really freak me out-assuming, of course, that it doesn't freak you out either, this.

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