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My head was dizzy as hell but I had to pee very badly. I sat up in the darkness and then stood up. Using my phone light I made my way into the attache... bathroom in Kishan's room and sat down to pee. Kishan was snoring loudly which meant he was sound asleep. Finishing my nature's call I flushed and went back into Kishan's room At this point I made a terrible decision. I was thirsty and decided to drink some water from the fridge. So I stepped outside into the hall where we had our party.I made. .. Jen, if there was any more I could do..."She turned and looked deeply into my eyes. After a moment, "I think there is. Am I pretty? Am I beautiful?" Yes, you are. Very pretty. Very beautiful." Then, watch."She stood and a couple of feet in front of me, gradually undressed. First, her soft, high necked sweater, then her slacks. She took a deep breath, and peeled off thick, warm tights. I could see the first evidence of her abuse; small, round, white scars on the tender skin of her inner. As they drove the dad started talking about sex. He asked her if she had a boyfriend and soon the talk was about fucking the boys. Lori laughed and said she loved to fuck. The dad then asked what was the oldest guy she had ever fucked. She told him a teacher who was about thirty. She had fucked him to get a better grade in his class. He then asked her if she would fuck a man his age. She laughed and said she would if he was sexy like him. They talked a little more about sex and he got her to. ”I laugh and smack him, telling him that it hasn’t grown at all.He grins back and says, “You’re right. You have a perfect ass. Perfect enough to match those tits of yours. How big are they now? 34 B?”“Actually, they are 36 C, thank you very much.”“Aha! I knew that there was something different about you. I was gonna say something like new outfit or haircut, but big boobs works too.”“Thanks Mason. Love you too.” My brother and I had always teased each other, so this was commonplace in our lives..

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