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Enterprise and Endurance were docked to each other and lazily orbited Rigel X as both ships waited for a Vulcan troop transporter, which was arrive in 10 hours time. The Tar'Hana was to deliver a 60 man engineering detachment for the new project."You appear quite enthusiastic about this project," Lorian remarked once he had taken a seat in Trip and T'Pol's quarters."You have no idea, son," Trip enthused. "That thing is a game changer. Human nacelle design, Vulcan engine, Andorian. Eventually, scratching his head, the man declared himself defeated.“You got yourself a fine man, Ayn. He almost shut me up, what can I say?”“You can simply rally up the troops,” Xavier chose to reply in Ayn’s stead. “We need those weapons.”“Yes, sir,” Marcus mocked, feigning a salute, but he followed through and began shouting at the man and women getting busy around the vehicles.“So, are we ready?” Xavier asked, turning toward Ayn.Ayn’s gaze was intense, and Xavier sustained it with his. And of course, as soon as he could get out of bed in the morning, he needed to go take care of his morning erection. Then, most days, at least once or twice each day he needed to relived some pressure, especially if he caught sight of his mom or sis, changing or going to or from the shower or something.However, in time, even the tiny bit of privacy afforded by the bathroom door became a challenge as it seemed that everyone needed the bathroom at the same time. Amber was usually first up and. Wright asked. “What?” I was surprised. “I heard you moaning ‘Oh Mr. Wright… fuck me’ something like that,” he said. I kept quiet for few seconds, but then I replied, “You were hearing me standing by the door?” “You were a little loud,” Mr. Wright said and I again felt very embarrassed. “I didn’t mean to interrupt you but something inside me wanted to catch you playing with yourself,” Mr. Wright confessed. I was still quiet. I didn’t know what to reply to him. He always openly starred at my.

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