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Suddenly I felt a warm flow of liquid coming into my mouth. It tasted similar to cow’s milk.I then removed my mouth, and milk flowed out of her righ... nipple. I put a utensil under it. I did the same with her left boob, and milk soon came out from it. Every time it stops flowing, I have to suck that nipple and press the boob.In 40-45 minutes, all swelling was reduced. Her milk has filled that whole utensil, and I also drank a lot of milk directly. I asked her what to do with this milk. She asked. I get there and my Mom says "Christopher this is your dad and his family" when I heard that my jaw almost dropped off. Then my dad walks over and gives me a hug followed by everyone else that was with him. The last person that hug me was my sister Jessica and her hug lasted a little longer then everyone else's. As we stood there talking about what my life has been like and I was told about the other 4 people with my dad. My dad's name is Dale my stepmom's name is Kristen, and then there was my. I also had several friends whose moms I paid close attention to, my favorite MILFS, one, Andy Rhine's mom, she was really nice. I'd seen her in a short skirt once and that was the day that I became a 'leg-man, ' for sure.So, not surprisingly, I sat there appraising my grandmother's figure, she was dressed, of course, very nicely, her hair and face perfectly done up, a dark skirt and jacket, trim at her waist, the jacket revealing to my view a good bit of cleavage that was especially enhanced. Editor's note- Another familar face! Poor Julie, Bash sounds like a wreck!(LizBennett) [brb -- have to go baste the bird on the grill!]Editor's Note- Yes, this is the infamous meal that made all the next chats!(Wendy-J) Twisted! Poor Raven!(bashful) She did that last night too.(Raven) I hate to say I told you so, but Eric has renamed himself Eric the Mighty. How pretentious can you get?(bashful) Calling yourself POE! :)(Raven) That was Caleb's idea. What have you ever seen me sign Poe?(Chrissy).

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