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The huge basement ran the length and breadth of the house. There was a small bathroom downstairs she could change into. She’d brought her CDs, but s...metimes the guys had music they wanted her to dance to. Monica found Blake. “Where’s the money?” “Right here.” He fanned the money out so she could see it. She’d never seen this much money at once, except for her stash at home. She counted it, then handed it to Nick. “I’m gonna go change. I’ve got my music right here. The CDs are in this order.. Sheplayed guitar and sang but she was a rhythm player not a soloist and theband lacked that...we lacked somebody to take up the slack vocally and togive the music a lift from time to time.How we met Mimi is covered elsewhere and I won't delve into that too muchbut once she was on board, we became something special. We won the battleof the bands and our orbit was ignited. We were on our way.The only thing for me was Jas, she played with my mind, night after nightI watched from behind the kit as. I soon had a crowd of very concerned people around me. I couldn't speak, and just passed the unit to the person next to me. The message read:From: Commander FlandersTo: President SussmannHalim report- They have conquered the entire universe, and enslaved the inhabitants. Anyone with the slightest inclination to resist is put in the processing centers. Any initiative at all is rewarded this way. Inhabitants are forced to breed, and anyone past the age to reproduce is also sent to the. I looked round the room and saw a picture of Bryony with her husband, Mike. I heard Bryony return and I turned to see her. She looked completely different. Her long brown hair had been released from the pony tail and rested on her bare shoulders. Her body was wrapped in an incredible black basque and her breasts were squeezed and looked beautiful. She had hold-up stockings on with black high heels. Perhaps the night had some surprises. Bryony ordered me to undress. When I was naked I laid on.

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