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The days of terror and fear, of being filthy, hungry, even pissing herself with fright, had given way to what, so far, seemed normal. It was almost un...omfortable.She sucked in her breath, thought about her mom and dad while she walked at a measured pace into the treeline. The way they'd been taken from her so suddenly had left her no time to tell them how much she loved them. The old Lauren would never have thought it mattered. Now that they were gone, possibly dead, the pit of her stomach. ?I plan on making you cum all night long? I said, both girls smiled at me. One in pain the other enjoying the cum from the girl in chains dripping down her chin on to her breasts and the floor. I take the other girl and kiss her, making Brooke, watch as we begin to fuck. She gets on her knees and kisses my cock. Lapping and licking up the sides of my hard long member, then taking it in her mouth entirely. Sucking and nibbling on my shaft preparing me to cum on her face and breast I look up to. , everything seems to be pretty normal with her.As in many marriages they pretended to be a happy family, like 6 months ago she asked another friend to go out and have some coffee because she needed to talk, of course just the to of them call it girls night out.She stated that she was pretty unhappy with her hubby, frustrated with her boys because they put no attention at all, in other words she felt lonely, being that vulnerable she began dating an ex boyfriend and that is the beginning of her. His stiffened tongue then hit my pusy like a missile, licking and stroking driving me toward the inevitable orgasm. My juices were flowing readily and his tongue was inside me fucking me. He drew back and started nipping at my clit making me so sensitive I could barely contain myself. When he considered I was sufficiently wet he pulled himself up onto his feet and stood above me, straddling me. Off came the trousers then the pants. There it was my first sight of a cock. It looked perfect, 7.

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