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She was flowing and her juices were thick.i bent down and smelt her pussy and became wild with the musky smell she had. I put my tongue on her shaved ...ussy and started licking it and she also started to thrust her pussy on my tongue.she said ” saab bahut paani aa raha hai”I then made her lie on the bed so that her hip is at the edge of the bed and her legs were resting on the floor.i started kissing her and then startd to suck her boobs and at the same time i was massaging her clit with my. " I enquired."Shhh, he's upstairs, I want a minute with you before he comes down, put your hand down my knickers with one hand and squeeze my tits with the other, I want to surprise him when comes down"She pulled her dress up and revealed a large pair of white knickers, my favourite type."Do you like my knickers Steve, I love how they show all of my naughty creases" I love them Barbara"With that I put my hand down the front and pulled at her bulge, she was soaking wet."Mmmm, see what you do to. I was just staring at the girl, as he unloaded his jism in her, she had a look of sheer passion on her face, when he finally backed off from her, I saw the thick white liquid ooze out of her I looked around to see who was next when the Jock said "Well k**, you're next" I quickly stripped, and was getting on the bed, when the jock stopped me, "Before you can stick your cock in her, you have to clean her pussy up", I looked around for a rag or a towel when he told me "With your MOUTH!" A couple. I started to get close (i was 18 after all), Suddenly i have to have the sound loader, i want the whole dorm to know what we're doing, but as i lean forward reaching for the volume I feel my friends finger push through my ass cheeks and start to get into my hole, Snapping my head round i see for the first time his hard cock getting tossed and his eye's, burning with lust, fixed on my now very exposed ass.It proves too much for me, I can't take my eye's off his cock, then as the twink starts.

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