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Taking a small sip from the glass, Olivia savored the sweet fruit flavored liquor as it swirled around in her mouth, and felt the burn as she swallowe... it down her throat. "Hmm, that's delicious. What's it called?" A Hurricane my dear."Stacy took her first sip of the orange colored drink. It was tasty, but it burned as she swallowed it down. It was her first alcoholic drink and it made her feel very grown up that she was being served one. "Why's it called a Hurricane?"Because it's going to blow. I caught the flicker of a tongue as one girl licked her lips. I felt my chest swell a little and a smile play on my lips. The first to speak was a girl in the centre of the group. I got the impression she was the leader, or at least the main instigator. She held herself with a confident air, as though she knew her place, and several of the other girls glanced in her direction, waiting for her to speak. “We'd love to have you, wouldn't we girls?” she asked the group, smiling as they giggled in. It was never published, but I had the first few chapters written and the rest of the story outlined. To know how this story came about, see *Behind the Story* below. Also, this is mostly a linear story, but I might have two different endings planned based on reader feedback/response.Into the Deep BlueThomas Weston couldn’t figure out how he got here.He was alone in his dark, empty house. That was, if you didn’t count the beautiful naked woman in his arms.Her long legs were wrapped around his. Both had their eyes almost reverently riveted to the golden cross that lay on the workbench next to the gold bars. Hector broke his gaze away from the holy object, his eyes searching for answers. Finally he caught my eyes and asked, "What now, boss?"There was a pleading in his eyes that along with his words focused everyone's attention on me. Suddenly I realized that they expected me to have the answers. Hell, I wasn't even sure what the questions were. It wasn't as simple as 'What's next?'My.

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