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When she heard someone come in, she supposed it was Jerry.She looked back-and gasped in shock as she recognized Debby Wedgewood.In her surprise, the almost declared her identity. But Debby was advancing with her tongue lashing around like a hungry tiger, obviously bent on oral sex. And M argot, who loved sex with girls every bit as much as she did with guys, saw no reason to say a word.She would play it by ear and-she hoped, by tongue.Debby paused at the foot of the bed, slightly puzzled.. 10:00 came quick and I am standing at Miss De'Nerie's office door waitingfor her to say come in. Like a lifetime it seemed. So in I go. Curtainsare drawn, she pulls the blinds down in her office so no one walking bycan see. She looks at me and says " Did you do as I have said?" I nodded,She looked at me grabbed my chin and repeated herself a little moresternly. Answer me proper. Yes Miss De'Nerie, I did as you said. She cameover and put her hands on my shoulders and said, " How come I don't. She apologizes in Spanish for the accident. I freeze in amazement! She is gorgeous!!! She has long light brown hair, hazel eyes, bronze skin tone, HUGE natural breasts, and long silky smooth thighs. Weighed approximately 120-125lbs and measured 5'2” in height. Love at first sight! I immediately snap out of it, and respond in Spanish. “Its ok!”, as I help her up. She is wearing a very thin pink bikini. Her breasts were barely hanging on to that tight pink top. I try hard not to look down at her. Bra and panties matched, of course, but what really caught my eye was that the volume of her breasts was very large, and this lingerie didn’t shape, it just comforted her curves. I was speechless and she continued to smile, but her face and chest were flushed. She was breathing noticeably with effort, and with each breath, her breasts heaved and shook ever so slightly. I think I saw a tiny bead of sweat run down her temple. I was growing in my pants, warm and stiff. She was way ahead of me,.

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