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Robbie had produced his figures and was explaining them, and I sat down in time to hear him say that a thousand pounds would cover the task of buildin... a prototype and seeing if it could be scaled up. Robbie was apologetic, but Jason merely laughed out loud. 'A thousand?' he said. Delving into his pocket, he brought out a cheque book. 'A bargain,' he announced. 'I'll pay it now, and recover the money. They were all expecting much more than that!' Evadne and I exchanged glances. We knew. But most of all, now I have to constantly be on stiffy alert! If we are all in the main room watching T.V. and I notice I can see a little way up Doe’s skirt … boing! Then I can't get up from the chair for half an hour! Or the other day, I was helping her put the washing up on the clothesline and I saw that every time she raised her arms to peg the clothing her short shirt would ride up and I could see the “ T “ of her g-string poking above her shorts ... boing! I had to hold the washing basket. Their heads felt as if they weremagnets attracted to one another. Him the north. Herthe south. Soon their lips met and they exchanged a long hardpassionate kiss. Then breaking away, Moria noticed thesound system was playing Phil Collin’s “In the AirTonight” and she jumped up from the couch and began todance in front of him. His eyes were dancing along withher. His eyes were devouring her and she had never feltas sexy as she did at that moment. It was nice to belusted after, to. "billy, they are notbetter yet," she admonished.Billy sighed, he started kissing her feet again. He kissed as much as herubbed. Krissy had an idea.Billy's face was covered in her scent, after rubbing and kissing her feetfor a long time, she finally allowed him to stop. Krissy came over andunlocked the chain at his neck, releasing his hands. Krissy unlockedRobyns cuffs and took the collars and locked them to her ankles. Shefastened his collar to that short chain, now his collar was locked to.

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