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"So, does this mean you two are over?" asked Linda."I hope not," said Alicia. "I still like him. Its just his attitude at themoment." He's stupid," ad...ed Paul. "The number of times Kev and I have saved himfrom scrapes, I hope that somewhere, in that hollow head of his, heremembers who his friends are." Agreed," said Kevin."So, when are you going to be a girl fully?" asked Alicia."Sometime in April, maybe. Before the exams anyway," said Paul."That soon?" said Kevin."But how're you going to. " Her first thought that maybe she was under the weather too, so instead of making a lot of noise she tip toed up the stairs in case she was sleeping. She was just about to push open her parent's bed room door when she heard the sound of a deep male voice on the other side! That definitely was not her father's voice, besides, he was off on business in Cleveland for a few days, so it couldn't have been him! With her heart nearly leaping through her chest she slowly cracked open the door to see. You walk up to my humble form, Your 3 inchheels clacking against the wooden floor. ?You may continue Your work.? You state.i quickly serve You Your evening glass of wine, while i continue to prepare the dinner.You are chatting with Your girlfriends and mother on the phone. As dinner is put on thetable, i stand to Your side while You sample it. You snap Your fingers and i kneel.?Good boy. The meal has been properly prepared.? You feed me a few scrapsthroughout the meal. As You arise, You walk. They had both been there before but as slaves not as masters. Theywould explore it now from a mentality of ownership and power. Thelarge desk and furnishings that formerly intimidated them would nowreinforce their feelings of power.Ellie (as Tony) released Sasha's hand after they entered and struttedaround, taking in the feelings of power and giving them time to reachinto every finger tip, toe tip and yes even the tip of that new groinappendage that was now standing in full salute and fogging.

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