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A couple skips college to go plan a fuck session. The boyfriend invites his girl friend over to his friends flat and asks his friend to go out for some time so that they can have some privacy.

The girl friend comes after some time and they start flirting with each other and playing with each others bodies. After that the guy gets really excited and asks the girl to suck on his dick.

Guy convinces girl for oral sex

The girl starts playing with his dick with her hand. The guy pleads her to take it in her mouth. Finally the girl gives in and stats sucking on his dick while fondling his balls with her free hand. Finally the guy explodes the cum in the girls mouth and boy feels like repaying the favor to his girl friend.

So he takes her panties off and starts sucking on her pussy lips and after some time when the girls pussy relaxes he inserts his tongue in her cunt and makes her orgasm.

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