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“I’m sorry Hailey,” she stammered in her harsh lisping accent, “but Deepti has changed the codes on all the special dogs saying that she shoul... be the only one to handle them.” So far young Lena hadn’t taken part in any of the dog fun and it wasn’t in her job requirements though she was fully aware what was going on. She had in fact watched Deepti a couple of times taking care of the special dogs and found herself spellbound by what she saw. Lena was still a virgin for humans and dogs and it. We didn’t even discuss who was going. Zeke was the best bargainer I’d ever seen and I was a born sucker.“We’ll have to find a town to get you resupplied. Cherry Creek would be my choice. It’s far enough away to keep curiosity down. We could take some gold and bank it with Wells Fargo, something to show the investors we’re legitimate. Then you can come on back. I don’t expect you to mine too much. You just need to keep an eye on the place.”The weather broke and the thaw was in full swing when we. I eased her shorts and knickers off so she was standing naked. I roughly positioned her, bent over the weights bench and entered her from behind. She groaned with delight as I began roughly fucking her, reaching up and groping her tits. “Is that better?” I asked. “Oh god yes” she grunted. “Are you enjoying that?” I asked. “Well, I’m going to cum very soon” she gasped shortly before she shuddered through her climax. I pulled out after her orgasm had subsided, “Time for you to practise for. ? A few days later, I told him to come over Sunday afternoon to watch a football game, and Linda was going to fix a nice?meal for us.? She loves sports as good as I do, so she would watch the game with us. Sunday James came by right on time, lunch was waiting on him. We ate, talked and laughed together. After that, Linda cleaned up while we started watching the game She came in then and since I was in my favorite recliner,? she sat on the couch with James.? She had on just a pair of jeans, but.

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