I bend towards her and kissed her lips. She was calm and she had still said nothing. I started kissing her lips passionately, now she is also respondi...g for it, my tongue was playing with her tongue and lips. We kissed eachother for about ten minutes, in between that I had unzipped her dress from the back and was feeling her silky and soft skin and also the belt of her bra. Then I picked her on my arms and brought her in my bedroom. Her eyes were closed and her head was resting on my chest. I. I don't have a clue what kind of attention Brad gives her even when she wasn't pregnant but I couldn't help it, she has a terrific body and her pregnancy didn't diminish a thing."You mean you don't get this lately", I asked."NO, I mean I have NEVER gotten this", she said."WHAT, I can't believe that", I said."I'm telling you the truth", she said.I laid there thinking what the fuck is wrong with Brad, his wife is blazing hot and she has an all around pleasant personality. We laid there and talked. This weekend would be a way for both of them to let off a little pent up sexual steam. As Cindy waited on the crib she thought about what they had planned for the weekend. Today they would have about 11 hours together and would be naked most of the time. Then tomorrow about 8 hours, standing there thinking of their skin pressed together and her straddling Mark's cock was making her so horny. Her phone rang and looking at the screen it was a text from Mark asking, "Are you wet?". She sent. Some were quite good, however. Both Amy and Alice were quite handy, although Caitlyn appeared to be afraid of touching the hammer she was holding for fear of damaging her nails, while Erica was still too small to effectively swing a hammer with much force, nor large enough to carry needed supplies.Ellen showed up, bringing drinks for everyone. She didn't say anything to David, so his stress was still high. She did casually mention that Flora was working the clean-up detail, so David knew he.

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