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I like women. I like everything you’re not.” She turned around, scowling at him. “Got it?”“Yeah!” Ember said, nodding. “I mean, sure. Cool.” He coughed, then nodded again, holding out his hand. “I shall comport myself with, uh, respect! Towards your ... feelings. And not ... be...” He trailed off. “Bad?”Ceaith looked at him. Then down at his hand. Then back at him. Her left ear twitched. “You’re such a fucking dork.”“Man, you would get along with June,” Ember whispered.Ceaith grinned.. Susan seemed to enjoy it more the rougher they fucked her. They switched positions several times.After a while I put down my camera, I had enough shots of her full lips around one cock and her pussy lips encircling another cock. The guys were vocal throughout. I was impressed how long they could hold out before blowing a load. Finally even they couldn't hold back any longer. I got my camera when I sensed the first one was going to cum. The guy with the cock in her mouth was first, pulling out. . And then he stopped. She blinked and looked up on him, seeing her hands where on his chest. He smacked them away, leaned over to the pile of things next to them and rooted around. Soon her wrists where tied as well and stretched as far back and to the sides as possible. She blinked trying to refocus on him as he watched her. He grunted and found a blindfold in the pile, grabbing her hard by the hair as he forced it onto her. He tied it tight, and all she could see was a tiny sliver of light. “I will always be your naughty schoolgirl, buddy.”“Yeah,” he grinned. “That nasty little redheaded schoolgirl next door.”“Stoppit!” I squeaked, “Or we’ll NEVER get to breakfast...”“Is that a threat? Or a promise?”“I want breakfast,” I giggled. “Gives me strength. Then we can tear up the bed until noon.” Sex. It’s GOOD. Unlike my first marriage, where sex was sort of like a little kid getting turned loose in a candy store, with Josh it’s the same candy store, but I know what the GOOD chocolate.

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