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Her hands were delicate, fingers neatly manicured with white tips – other than the necklace, her only other jewelry was a silver band and a pinky ri...g with a beautiful detailed rose. She watched him with interest, memorizing his face as if seeing it for the first time – and maybe, this time, it was. His voice – the same masculine whisper she had heard before – still captured her as if they were alone, holding her captive and unable to escape. “You are so sexy, my enchantress,” he said, the. The nurse walked in a moment later. She was hot, even in the horrible scrubs that they wear she looked it. She had long light brown hair that was up in a ponytail and her pale green eyes glittered irresistibly. “Hello Mr Ryan.” She said, the impossibly cute Texas twang making it impossible for her to sound as clinical as the rest of the hospital. “Hello,” he replied, trying to open his jaw slightly and involuntarily wincing. “You have a very bruised jaw there. I wouldn’t try to talk too. Slowly claire i need to please you first i pushed here slowly on the bed so i didn't wake her mam, i went down on her pussy it tasted and felt unreal the pubes were soft the lips were soft and the clit was popping out ready to be sucked the shit out off, claire was wriggling like mad as if shed never been muffed before,stop please stop she was saying but i kept chewing away and poking her pussy the cum was allover my face i stood up and leaned over her and made her like her cum off my face, she. ... I have masturbated many times thinking about you. Actually, I masturbate all the time, and it's almost always about you. And I know you masturbate about me, because I have seen the results more than once. Don't be embarrassed-- I liked that. I liked the taste and smell. And you've made it clear that you like my taste and smell." I didn't know what to say... I felt completely busted. On the other hand, she had just admitted doing the same thing, so I realized there was nothing to be.

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