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“Oh Gail, you turned me on so much that I just did what I wanted and well it was fun, except John was a little pissed off about having to clean the ...ot tub.”They all laugh and Beth questioningly says “so John knew you were doing that and did not stop you? I wonder about him sometimes”“ya and he said someone else saw us but did not say who”“Oh that is great; I am surprised it has not made it around the laundry room yet”Beth notice Cindy looking up her skirt and she shifted then spread her legs. ” Menja giggled.Only very few others found that as funny as Menja.“I understand you’re not happy to lose your daughter, Roban,” Shaya Toa said. “But remember, I told you we want to unite our families, not break yours apart. You will be always welcome in Gol-Gunthay. As Jenaya’s Sire it is as much your home as it will be your daughter’s. Please believe me, there are many vampire maiden that are more than eager to make your acquaintance. We never looked up to the gods, but you sired a vampire of. I picked up firm orders for two hundred cords to be delivered over the next two weeks, beginning next Tuesday. I thought I'd see if you were interested, before I called anyone else." I'd have to know how much you were offering before I could say if I was or not." I'd give you a fair price, Billy, just like I always have. Why wouldn't I want to be fair?" You and me, Jackie, we haven't always seen eye to eye on what's fair." That's true enough, we haven't. I was hoping that was all over with by. I quicklyalso expertly curtsied as Marion left the room, I was spared her seeingme this time. My appetite was gone now so I followed her into to thehallway which required another curtsy, another when she left the hall forthe TV room and yet another when I entered the room myself. This last oneshe saw and gave a sympathetic smile as she sat. "Wow, even when youenter the room as well?" Yeah, and I have to stand if you are standing else there is a smallreminder." I vaguely described the warning.

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