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I ran the vibrator over my breasts, pressing on my erect nipples. They were so sensitive and swollen, begging to be sucked on. They throbbed underneat... the vibrator as I traced it over them in lazy circles before moving it down to my aching, trembling pussy. I pressed it to my clit and cried out as little electric shocks radiated out from that point. I rubbed it slowly up and down the length of my pussy, spreading my juices all over me. I finally gave in to the aching inside me and eased it. Lauren seems far more controlled and calmer than I am.Once we’re in the room, Lauren moves over to a lamp on the bedside table and turns it on. I stand at the door, not really knowing where I should go, and I feel as nervous as the first time in my office. This whole room smells like her perfume and I can’t help but close my eyes and inhale her scent for a moment.When I open my eyes, Lauren is standing in front of me.“Are you ok, Ems? We don’t have to do anything if you don’t want to.” Her. Leave it to you baby. You love dressing to impress.”Our man arrives right on time and I make small talk with him while waiting for Susan to make an entrance.I am wearing a very short silk dressing gown without a belt that feels wonderful on my naked body underneath. As I walk it opens slightly to reveal my cock.Noah is a tall, slim, bi-lingual, lightly coloured black French-African who works as a part time model he tells me. I wonder if he is also bisexual as he ogles my cock as I walk around. That night at the Club-Club the band opened and had a great set. Our last song was our trademark, “Oh Well” and there was an off stage slide guitar solo that brought the crowd to a frenzy. Bonnie walked out as she was ripping the end of the solo.“Ladies and gentlemen! Bonnie Raitt! Bonnie Raitt!”Bonnie played and smiled and goofed with Ronnie and Rodney Strong, and at one point they played the exact same notes in time and had everyone in the band excited. We built the song to a great crescendo.

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