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” Misty repeated it into the phone, then grinned and looked at her mother. “They said okay, Mom. If I leave right now, I’ll just make it on” she said. “I’ll see you later, okay?” “Sure. Have a good time, okay?” Misty went over and gave her mother a peck on the cheek, then left the house and skipped down the street to the Ménage's house. She knocked on the door, and Mr. Ménage answered it a moment later, buttoning his shirt. He was still in his boxers, and Misty could see how. Our eyes met for a very brief moment before I realized she was in just a pink thong and earrings. As I briefly took in all that she had, I snapped back to reality, quickly apologized and left the room. She came out a few minutes later in black yoga pants and a pink spaghetti strap shirt. Again, panty and bra-less. I had started playing a game of pool, feeling like an idiot but also remembering what her near nude body looked like. Her perfect tits, with light pink nipples. The curve of her hips,. Usne kaha tumhe jo karna hai karo bas kisiko mat bolna .Mai bahut porn dekta hun isliye mujhe pata hai ki randiyo ko kaise choda jaata hai mai us din pura pagal ho rhaa tha aur dar bhi lag rha thaa usey chodne ke pehle . Maine ghar me bata diya ki mai frnd ke ghar aa rha hun aur kal aaunga aur frnd ke sath sari setting kar li .Maine jab uske ghar ki dorr bell bajai toh deka ki door khula hai aur andar aane ke baad maine deka ki anjali shorts me baithi hui hai . Mujhe dek ke wo boli “deko tumhe. Let it ALL OUT! Get rid of every last drop!"She soon let go of her husbands cock, that was already starting to loose whatever erection he'd had earlier."Well, there you go," she said. "What do you SAY?!" THANK YOU!" He gasped out loud. "Thank you SO MUCH!" That's better," she replied. Then she got off the bed, leaving her husband to clean up the mess they had just made together.As he cleaned up he could hear her taking a shower, and then, by the time she came out of the shower, he'd cleaned up.

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