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For you, anything. What can I do for you?" Well my washing machine just died. I mean, it just died. I need a replacement and I need a replacement righ... away. I am wearing my last clean pair of shorts. It's kind of an emergency."She laughed. "Oh don't worry big brother, I'll find something for you." She starts to mumble to herself as I hear her finger her keyboard doing some searching. "Ok, here is what I have. I have an LG in stock that I can bring over to you today. It also has a matching. I want to taste your cum. In my throat - shoot it on my face."He sucked me harder than any woman ever had before, pulling the cum forcibly from my body. I felt like a rag doll within his grasp as his suction sent me reeling over the edge. I almost swooned as I exploded. He sucked even harder as I pumped my sperm into his mouth, opening up a little, so I could see it splash out and run down his cheeks and chin. I could barely look, as my eyes were locked on his as he looked up at me towering. They were all gettingclose now.Carol brought her new project down to the living room. She had re-christened Bud as Betty, and found her a nice pair of boy-shorts to wearas well as a cute little Victoria's Secret bra that didn't fit her anymore but was just perfect for little Betty. The petite girl followedCarol around like an adoring puppy. It looked like they'd just arrived in time for the two couples to reachtheir climax. They sat down on the couch, each stroking the other'sclit inside. The shower revitalised her, and she felt more like herself as she dressed afterwards. Her outfit was designed to tease and distract, a simple ploy that could buy valuable seconds if - and when - it was time to get down to the business of killing. She pulled on the black clinging trousers which hugged her athletic legs like an unblemished second skin, while conveniently covering up the gruesome scar-ravaged truth. It was the same with the high-necked top that concealed her torso from view,.

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