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He looked up at the ceiling and closed his eyes and moved his head from side to side and in his mind he could see Emily's face, her green eyes, her da...k hair, her lovely radiant skin. The haunting melody and mystical chords that came from his fingers expressed the love he felt when he thought of her. When he finished and looked at her, he saw tears in her eyes. Gloria had stopped what she was doing, and she looked like she was going to cry too. “ That was so beautiful Orrin, thank you. I loved. “Dirty old Grandad now come on, let’s get this monster into the bottle.”She placed the neck of the urine bottle over his erect cock and bent it down. Tom almost rose in the chair.“Kelly! I can’t! Not like this. Not when it’s - well - hard.”“Oh, no. Of course not. Silly me. Now lets see what we can do about that.”Kelly gently stroked Tom’s cock and he grunted as he felt the tingle travel along the shaft an into his body.“Kelly. You mustn’t! I am your grandad. It’s wrong.”“But what’s. That was the persona that we all were supposed to buy into. But her continual fluttering from place to place in the London social scene was also a splendid way to keep track of a certain stratum of society.I had also just assumed that her odd behavior with men was due to her being an unabashed slut. She always seemed to be fucking the strangest and, in many cases, most unsavory people in the London club scene. However, if you knew what she really did for a living the more obvious explanation. He does not wait long before sliding out until just the tip remains and his mouth leaves her breast. He pounds back in and does another slow retreat, doing this a few times he decides he will please her before filling her with his cum, setting a slow steady rhythm.Kim feels herself being to enjoy being filled by his cock. Her body begins to join in on the motions of the push and pull. She feels the ties at one of her ankles release and sees her leg be stretched into the air. This provides for a.

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