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??Oh, no, Robert! You’ll live here. I have a room right next to Beatrice’s for you, and you’ll eat your meals here, as well.?Within minutes we h...d worked out my salary, not very large, but with all the amenities, certainly fair. Edwina ordered a taxi to take me to the train station, and I was on my way. I must say the prospects of this job had me fascinated, and the week following was deadly slow, as I awaited the opportunity to begin tutoring and overseeing my charge.Chapter 2I arrived the. " Tommy looked at his son and daughter, "I wasn't invited and I felt rude interupting." "You could interupt anytime." Bella commented. She stood up, stretched, noting that both pair of male eyes were fixed on the rise of her breasts. Not surprisingly, her cunt tightened and she felt hot and wet all over again. "Did you want to play, daddy?" Tommy walked to the bed and sat next to Jake. "Of course I do." He reached out and carassed Jake's dick. Jake inhaled sharply. They hadn't done this in a. "I pushed with my hips again and this time she pushed back. When the head popped in, we both let out a gasp. I stopped, but Susan continued to push back. It was fascinating to watch that tube shaped piece of plastic disappear into her butt. And it was a turn on. I knew she was enjoying it, and I knew I was responsible for that pleasure. Plus the dildo was pushing against my clit producing all types of pleasure."Jennia took a breath and continued. "She pushed some more and this time I pushed. Again, I attempt to take it slow but she is grinding against me face, taking what she wants from me. I pierced her folds with my tongue. I hold it rigid as she guides my head back and forth, driving my tongue in and out of her wet pussy. I feel her need. I rub my nose against her erect clit as she is fucking her pussy with my tongue. I reach up and cup one of her breasts while the other hand holds her ass cheek. I pull her to me helping her drive my tongue deeper. I hear her moans, encouraging.

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