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I couldn't believe how heavy it felt as I started bobbing my head on it and sucking for all I was worth. He was fucking my mouth with it and I couldn'... even get half of it in. So I started stroking the rest of it with my hands while I sucked on the head. He was kneading my nipples while I continued sucking his cock. He pulled his cock from my mouth and got on his knees between my legs and lined that monster up with my dripping pussy. Just like he has said in his story, he started running his. We plan. We do not go down too far. Except once. We made a fatal mistake and met a Ghoul Lord. One of us died fighting that monster in Indigo level four. After that, we stepped back and sought out better instructors. We found two retired Drill Instructors. If you try, I bet you could too.“To those that want to improve: Look around you and ask. Ask at the VFW halls, at your local dojos or wherever you can. Retired, experienced men and women of our armed forces can help you survive and get in. I pulled her jeans off. She was wearing a white lacy bra and light colored red thong. We kissed long and hard. She was rubbing my cock as I unhooked her bra. Her tits were milky white, firm and her nipples were hard. I pushed her to her knees and shoved my cock in her mouth. She grunted and gagged, but eventually she adjusted. As she sucked, I squeezed her nipples. I don't think anyone ever did that to her before because she stopped sucking and let out a soft moan. After she moaned she started. After showering and changing clothes, he grabbed the keys and his backpack and left the apartment. With a few steps, he was in front of May’s apartment.He knocked on the door and waited.“Lucas?”A voice could be heard from the other side of the door moments later. Lucas answered back and the door then opened. May, wearing casual clothes, appeared in front of Lucas. She was wearing a normal tight shirt and shorts. On her feet, a pair of slippers.Seeing her like this in the morning is refreshing.

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