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I tilted my head back as far as I could to where my head was supporting my body. I could tell this was going to work but I don't know how long my neck...could take the strain. I asked if he had something to put under my neck and he immediately jumped out of the bed, grabbed his clothes from the car and jumped back in the bed. He took his t-shirt and pants and rolled them up to make a fake pillow. I positioned my head so that it was hanging off the back and now I was in a sustainable position.. About half the others just sat and watched the activities of the other half that were being filmed. When it was time for their interactions, they’d start up and the recently videoed group would take a rest but hold their positions. It was a slow process, but everybody got filmed and the ‘action’ in the film advanced.By five o’clock the women and half the men were naked. Breasts were erect and being sucked on. A few pussies had fingers in them. A few cocks were erect and being fondled, but. She began to shake and collapse into me as I reached around her to hold her to my chest as I slowly fucked her through it.My cock slowly fucked her cum soaked pussy and I felt her constrict and release throughout her second and then third straight orgasm. Lauren was just a trembling, wet and sweaty limp body in my arms laying on my chest as I continued to slowly fuck her through them. As my own orgasm subsided I felt Lauren's pussy relax and turned to lay her down on the bed. Facing her, my. And then she said something that at the time probably didn’t mean a lot to me, but which looking back now are words which are etched into my mind. Words that I'll never forget.As she finished saying that she didn’t think any less of me and how great it was that we could share openly, almost as a throwaway after thought she added, “And anyway honey … it’s silly to think that however much you love someone, they can meet all of your needs and desires …”These words were barely out of Claire’s.

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