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” She looked at Barb who was getting the video camera ready. “Look at his eyes, they’re all red and puffy from crying. We’ll have to do about that before shooting, we don’t want him looking like we beat him…..even though we did.” Both girls laughed again at the insensitive joke. The professor was terrified at their request. A video, he thought, if something like that got out it would be the end of his teaching career. Of course that’s exactly why Barb and Jackie were making it. It. Man, his ass was still sore where his dad had whupped him!Both his parents had asked him where he'd been, and the boy had made up a story about searching all over town for the dog. He'd never once mentioned being at his teacher's place, much less what happened there, and he never would! It was too humiliating to admit! Anyway, with the instinctive insight of a bright youngster, he realized that if he admitted he knew what Atilla could do, it would open up a whole can of worms about who had. Well, there was a lot of sex but there were a lot of feelings, too. Especially later on.’ ‘Did her husband ever suspect?’ ‘We really never talked about him, just wasn’t mentioned. I don’t think he ever suspected, we never discussed him.’ ‘Do you think she used you?’ ‘Well, I suppose we used each other. So, in that sense, yeah, maybe so. But we also had something more, I think. After a while, there was an ease with each other, it felt natural to be naked with her and we just felt at ease with. Not fair." Pretty hot, though, huh?" Lori replied."Um, yeah, okay, maybe so. I did see his naked butt a few months ago going down the hall to his room from the bathroom. Nice butt." See, you'd fuck him, we both know you would." Well, it's not going to happen anyway." Why not? We could have a nice little birthday party for Casey and all three of us have sex with him," this, of course, from Lori."Maybe you two, but I'll sit this one out." If you change your mind, believe me, Lori and I would.

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